About the Creator's Manual

The Creator’s Manual is the definitive A-Z guide on how to start, operate, and ultimately grow your company. The manual is built on the collective knowledge of the 25,000+ (and growing!) members of the global WeWork Community in an open “wiki-style” format; allowing any WeWork member to update and edit the content it contains with their expertise and experience.

This allows the Manual to be incredibly organic, something that no other “Startup Guide” in existence has been able to do.

The idea is that as the WeWork community continues to grow and diversify, the knowledge and resources available in the Creator’s Manual will not only stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies but also continually improve as well!

This guide is built by Creators for Creators and we encourage everyone to not only leverage the knowledge and resources available here, but also to add to and enhance the content available to the WeWork community and the world.

For questions or comments, please reach out to us at: Manual@WeWork.com