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Designing a logo is key to supporting your brand. As you build a brand, your logo becomes the face of your company to customers, competitors, and your team. It is a simple and powerful unit for building a visually powerful identity.

The goal is for a logo to make your company recognizable, memorable, and unique.

Done well, a logo provides key information about your company and sets the tone for you website, product, and materials.

It will be the first thing someone sees and the first thing they recall when they hear your name.

For existing customers, your logo supports their relationship to your product. They will become familiar with you, what you do, and how you do it. When they see your logo, they will be more likely to use what they relate to and trust.

For potential customers, a logo creates their first visual impression of who you are and what you do. Your company’s logo will be their first chance to relate to your values. A strong design can help you succeed and express your character in the best way possible. A weak design can seem unprofessional or be misleading.

As a basic unit of design for your brand, your logo sets the visual tone for your website, products, and advertising. The rest of your digital content and media should reflect its tone and style for a consistent experience and strong design.

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