Press Embargos

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Press Embargos are essentially a request from a source that certain information or news not be released until a specific date or set of criteria are met. Many startups that are riding in “Stealth Mode” will actually release information to reporters and agencies under a press embargo – setting up and helping to cultivate compelling stories in the interim before they make their product or company publicly known.

What this allows for is a powerful news burst in the same time frame as when your company “goes live”.  The advantage here is that a well produced story can essentially be held on “standby” and released during the crescendo of traction you get when going out of stealth mode. 

The advantage to you is that you aren’t waiting days, weeks, or even months for a news story. The advantage to the reporter is that their story gets to ride a press wave and that it helps build their relationship with you as you release more and more news. 

Press Embargos tend to be casual in how they are set up – a meeting with a reporter and a conversation about being tactical about the release of information for the advantage of both parties. 

If your company is growing quietly and you know that your product is poised to make a splash in a few weeks or months – it might be worth getting a story from a reporter before you launch with a press embargo agreement in place. 

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