Social Media 101

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Social Media simply refers to any platform that allows people to communicate and interact online. Technically speaking, the Internet itself was one of the first forms of “Social Media”; however in the last several years many specialized platforms have cropped up and grown at exponential rates. Some common and well-known Social Media platforms include:

But why is this so important to business and why should you leverage social media for your business?  Simply put, Social Media is HUGE. In fact, according to a MarketWatch Survey, 75% of online adults (around 5 BILLION people) are regular users of online social media. That means that the vast majority (if not all) of your customers can be reached through social online efforts. 

What social media allows you to do is to build genuine and personable interactions with your customer base. You have the opportunity to build relationships and trust, get immediate and actionable feedback, and build a powerful base of brand advocates (think of them as free marketers).

Overall, getting your company on Social Media and having a powerful and consistent presence on some of those platforms can be a great strategy for business. In fact, research shows that social media influences the majority of purchase decisions today.

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