In-Bound vs. Out-Bound Sales

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Founders and sales leaders are often trying to understand whether they should deploy an inbound or outbound sales strategy. My recommendation is to deploy anĀ allbound strategy which contains both inbound and outbound.

Lets take a second to define inbound versus outbound:

Inbound: This is when a prospect comes to you via a marketing channel such as a website form, phone call, social media, sign up to your product, information request, and/or any other attempt to contact your company about its offerings. Many company companies these days have an inside sales rep commonly referred to as a sales development (SDR) which will engage in a process of qualification. This qualification process will determine if the prospect is legitimate and worth assigning a sales rep to handle. If the prospect is not legitimate or does not meet the company's qualification criteria, it will be deemed unqualified.

Outbound: This is when your sales rep pursues the prospect. This is often referred to as outbound prospecting. This process begins with creating a list of highly qualified prospects and then pursuing these prospecting using a combination of phone, email, social media, and/of any other method of contacting a prospect. These activities are also often conducted by inside sales reps or sales development reps.

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